Why Tree Spading is the Best Way with Tree Transplanting Machines?

In this Article we will see why exist tree transplanting machines.

tree transplanting machines why they exist


A world leading construction and agriculture equipment manufacturing company of USA made an outstanding machine in the late 1960s, which played a massive role in the landscape industry and green revolution around the world. The name of the machine is Tree Spade and the company is Vermeer. The work of tree spade is to dig, lift, transport and also install trees and bushes from one place, the nursery, to another one. This machine saved a lot of time and labor in transplanting trees. The use of tree spades has become a very common process of tree transplanting and the old-fashioned hand or backhoe dug procedures have been almost ended do to the higher tree spade’s success rate.

The tree spades are mobile tree transplanting machines, operated by hydraulic systems, having various sizes with a narrow and open-frame design. Most of the models have safety lockouts and special out triggers and rear-half swivels (optional). They are set up with a truck, trailer or loader and available with one, two, three or four spades as per as their sizes and performing capacity.

The process of digging

The same proportion of tree caliper to root ball size should be taken with respect to the different sizes of the trees to be removed: variations a a few cm could necessitate of precautions in the clod’s production. If the tree spade is too small for the tree size that will not work. Water trees thoroughly before moving to hydrate the plant (if the weather as not alreasdy done it) and move as little as possible the soil in the clod during the transport. Before moving the lower branches of the tree should be tied up for not to break when the blades of the tree spade wrap around it and the let the worker to have a good view of the trunk. Once the spade is set up the spades are brought down each one in turn until they have totally entered the soil. Caution should be taken to be sure that the blades cuts weel the major roots. Then the tree is lifted by the spades and moved to the pre-dug hole or placed in a basket for B&B purposes.

Another caution has to follow before digging or planting with a tree spade in an urban area. That is to identifying the location of all utilities to prevent cutting through wires, cables, tubes etc.


Process of planting

The tree is placed down into a previously made hole in the ground (or in a pot) and the tree’s roots are adjusted if not cutted well enough. Trees should be put in a bigger hole than the first one to make it settle firmly. Just after placing it fill loose soil into the gaps and water it very well. Supplying sufficient water to transplanted trees and bushes is the important factor for the long-term well-being and surviving ability of plants.

Trees can be moved almost in all the seasons with the tree spades, despite the fact that bushes dug in summer season and early fall need to have an outsized ball and get hold of special attention relative to condition, irrigation, species, and handling. In Italy the fall is the better season for the plant’s majority.



Tree transplanting machines intended to make it simpler to dig up, transport and transplant trees and bushes of quality, giving everyone the possibility to create anew a grown garden. It adds immediate shade, beauty and instant impact in the landscape. As the roots and root hairs remain in contact with the soil and carrying the plant carefully and with less vibration, it made the surviving rate higher and vegetative growth very rapid. Nurseries will not be possible if not for tree spading.

Making faster the procedure of installing trees or bushes in new areas and, most of all, making higher the success rate of plants surviving and vegetative growth donate the world more oxygen producing plants that will not exist without the tree spading system.

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  1. John Carston
    John Carston says:

    I found it interesting when you said that a tree spade could lift, transport, and dig trees for their transportation. My godfather informed me a couple of days ago that he and his friend were planning to have a tree spade for moving trees from their land to another ground. He asked if I had any thoughts on what would be the best option to have one. I’m glad about this enlightening article. I’ll tell him that it will be much better if they consult a tree spade service as they can provide details about their services.


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