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Tree Spades at Myplant & Garden Fair: where, when and why come to visit us.

As anybody knows, the COVID-19 is creating a lot of problems, so this year’s edition has been confirmed to february 2022, from the 23th to the 25th. Hoping that all will be calmed down then, we’ll meet there!


Our tree spades will be present at Milan Myplant & Garden fair: come and visit us to visit the splendid fair and get to know us!


For us at Mac Bert it will be the first year, but the fair has attracted professionals from the green supply chain since 2015. The macro sectors involved (nurseries, flowers, decoration, landscape, machinery, services, garden care, pots) attract to Milan dozens of categories of operators: Agronomists, technicians, nurserymen, architects, distributors, wholesalers, resellers, public administrations, dealers, shop owners, producers, gardeners, import-export operators, forestry operators, event organisers, owners of hotels and accommodations, engineers, landscape gardeners.

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Hand Digging VS Tree Spade: which one gives the best results in terms of quality and time?

We decided to deal with the hand digging matter; it is efficient to hand dig small clods in nursery? Are tree spades really useful only on big clods?

hand digging vs tree spade

We were in Tuscany, with our guest and friend Mr. Leonida Cocchi, at one of his nurseries; we thank him for helping us dealing with this matter. All around the world tree spades are seen as tools to be used just for huge clods, especially by not experts. That’s because tree spades costs, while laborers has a short-term lesser cost. So, smaller clods it is thought to be wiser to produce them by hand digging. The time, the quality and the labourer cost that You’ll have to pay in one year it justify entirely the tree spade’s cost.

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Paolo Vezzani’s Challenge: Bologna Munich by handbike

In this article we want to show You Paolo Vezzani’s Challenge, a friend of us who made something really thought!

paolo vezzani's challenge

Paolo Vezzani is a guy who has completed a venture in April 2018.

Starting from Bologna in Italy with his handbike he has traveled 530 km crossing three different countries and arriving in Munich in Germany where he was welcomed by the Italian ambassador Renato Cianfarini.

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Tree Spade Design: the connection with Landscape.

In this article we’ll see how tree spade design our landscape.

tree spade design connection with landscape

Trees are one of the most important plants in a landscape design. Tree spade is the latest equipment for mass-cultivation in nurseries, for transplantation and production your landscaping dream successful with with the best possible practice.

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Help Stop Pollution: Tree Spades and Unpolluted Urban Areas

Our cities and towns are being polluted rapidly: How to help stop pollution?

help stop pollution tree spades

The existence of human is facing threatened. To create a pollution-free liveable climate, transplantation and incrementation of trees is a major remedy. But, how to get this remedy efficient, easy and shor? It is “tree spade”. The tree spades can make this crucial job easyer to be done. So, as the utility of trees is increasing, the necessity of tree spade is also rising simultaneously. Because tree spades have rapid, secure and instant transplanting ability. A nursery equipped with this machine will be far efficient compared to a nursery where the work is done only by hand.

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