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Paolo’s Challenge: Bologna Munich by handbike

In this article we want to show You Paolo’s Challenge, a friend of us who made something really tought!

paolo's challenge

Paolo Vezzani is a guy who has completed a venture between in April 2018.

Starting from Bologna, Italy with his handbike he has traveled 530 km crossing three different countries and arriving in Munich, Germany where he was welcomed by the Italian ambassador Renato Cianfarini.

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Tree Spade Design: the connection with Landscape Design

In this article we’ll see how tree spade design our landscape.

tree spade design connection with landscape

Trees are one of the most important plants in a landscape design. Tree spade is the latest equipment of transplanting trees and making your landscaping dream successful without any hassle or hard effort.

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Help Stop Pollution: Tree Spades and Unpolluted Urban Areas

Our cities and towns are being polluted rapidly: How to help stop pollution?

help stop pollution tree spades

The existence of human is facing threatened. To create a pollution-free liveable climate, transplantation of trees is a major remedy. But, how to get this remedy easily and shortly? It is “tree spade”. The tree spade can make this crucial job easy to be done. So, as the utility of trees is increasing, the necessity of tree spade is also rising simultaneously. Because tree spades have rapid, secure and instant transplanting ability.

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Tree Spades in the Environment: trees and our world

This article in about the usefulness of trees. For our progress we need to cut them down, so we need to replace them at a higher rate to compensate the deforestation using everything we have, like Tree Spades.
tree spades in the environment

Trees provide us lots of benefits. Even if you look through a window and see green trees outside, it can reduce your blood pressure, anxiety and stress of your mind and you will feel a good and fresh feeling. But it is a matter of great anxiety that we are killing trees every day and making our living awkward and risky. Read more

Tree Spade: Great Contributor in Transplanting Trees

Here’s why tree spade machines are fundamental in our Planet.

tree spade great contributor in transplanting trees

Trees release oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide, clean air, cool cities, shade homes, reduce the cost of energy and increase beauty and value of property. So, a world-wise green movement is growing.

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