Tree Spade Machines: why transplanting industries use them

In this article we’ll see why tree spade machines are so utilized.

tree spade machines industies

Recently, the landscaping and the nursery industry are increasingly using tree remover or tree spade machine for tree removal and transplanting, and escalate production rate. It is also being used by golf courses, rental yards construction, DNRs, Christmas tree farmers farming, recreation departments like parks, and municipalities. When a tree comes in the way of a development project, instead of cutting down the tree, tree spades are also used to remove them and transplant in other location without killing the green life.

Tree spade machines are specialized and expensive tools. Often it includes a vehicle with a tilting mechanism, lifting mechanism and digging apparatus. The digging apparatus utilizes dual hydraulic cylinders to draw the digging blades into the soil surrounding the plant to be removed and transported. Digging apparatus comprises a frame and a plurality of blades. A dual cylinder attached to each of the blades and to the frame.

The tree moving technique by tree spade is now being practiced in many countries and the business of tree spade also increasing across Europe, America, Australia and other parts of our planet. Some tree spade manufacturers have their own nurseries where they are utilizing successfully and cost-effectively.

There are some criticisms about tree spade machines (i) retaining little of the original root system in removing trees and (ii) holes dug to receive the tree are not the same shape as the root ball, remains various gaps between the two soil masses after transplanting. These problems can be resolved if the tree spade is operated by an accomplished operator.

It is also said that success rate of transplanting by tree spade is the highest. Surviving of trees is greater than any other methods that need to take much effort and special care. The operation can take place twelve months of the year with one full-time tree spade operator. This makes the activity routine and creates much less interruption of other work activities such as occurs when setting up for a bare root planting season. Perhaps the biggest advantage! The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages for tree spade planting.

For it’s greater advantage tree moving is increasing day by day. The manufacturing companies are also improving its performing quality and adding uniqueness to focus distinction of their product. Italy is a country which has a specialty in manufacturing tree spade machine. Mac-Bert is one of the best tree spade machines manufacturing companies that “utilizes a completely different system, useful to solve specific problems” and very simple to operate. Mac-Bert’s Extir-Plants tree spades do not vibrate at the time of working. So the clod remains comparatively more compact in difficult terrain than hand-made or with percussion blade.

Recently, a kit was introduced in Mac-Bert spade machine, now they need not to change spades on every plant for modifying the diameter of a clod of 5/7 cm. The change was made on request of nurserymen.

According to the dimension of different plants, it can calibrate the clod “on the row” for model B250, B350, and B700. The clod is obtained so perfectly that it neither de-shape the clod nor make the plant unstable in any kinds of movement or hard wind.

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  1. Trayson Evans
    Trayson Evans says:

    Using a tree spade to transplant a tree instead of cutting it down is a great idea. They say that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. By transplanting the tree, you are literally doing just that. You can take a 20 year old tree and plant it in a more convenient location.

    • Admin
      Admin says:

      Hello Mr. Evans!
      I agree with you, the possibility to “move” a tree it’s not to be ignored!
      Personally I appreciate the possibility to produce more little trees in nurseries: the rate of tree implemention it’s enormous!
      Have a nice day!


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