Tree Spade: Great Contributor in Transplanting Trees

Here’s why tree spade machines are fundamental in our Planet.

tree spade great contributor in transplanting trees

Trees release oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide, clean air, cool cities, shade homes, reduce the cost of energy and increase beauty and value of property. So, a world-wise green movement is growing.

The human being has been concerned and conscious about own existence and trying to increase tree population everywhere. Simultaneously the business of nurseries as well as nursery equipment is also increasing across the planet. Making the job of nurserymen simple and easy the tree spade (also called tree relocator, tree mover or tree transplanter) has become a unique, inseparable and valuable nursery equipment.

Nurseries, more than a century, produced plants only in the field growing method. Gradually, they used pot-in-pot and container systems. The balled and burlap (B&B) system had developed from the container. Field harvesting in B&B process is being still used by many nurseries to transplant trees.

To save time and costs, producers try to innovate mechanized and automated digging process. Ultimately, the tree spade system has been introduced a few decades ago. Now this mechanized digging process has become as the most popular and standard tree transplanting system.

The tree spade has increased several advantages in tree transplanting. It can fulfill the instant landscaping demand of customers. It’s cost is more reasonable and in the long run it’s less expensive.

The tree spades are configured with single, double, triple or squad digging blades, operated by Hydraulic systems. It moves to transplanting place mounted with trailer, truck, or loader carrying the trees. It has made the end to the old backhoe and hand-digging process. The arrival of the mechanical tree mover has brought big contributions for arborists, nurseries, and landscapers.

The tree spade was made for digging up, moving and transplanting trees easily and finding more profitable method in transplanting trees for immediate shade and beauty.

If the whole procedure is done by an experienced operator correctly by the tree spade, transplanting success and survivability rate are excellent and high than the other systems. The angle blades of the spade make the root ball compact, and the root hair and root ball and root soil remain altogether after digging and moving up to a replanting destination. If any problem created by the glazed and compacted side-soil of replanting hole, it can be roughened by rake or shovel and made it corrected for planting the tree.

The tree spade is contributing greatly increasing tree transplanting which is expanding worldwide as a movement. In the USA, National Arbor Day is celebrated every year in April on the last Friday. European Nursery Stock Association observed it’s 25 years recently. They produced billions of plants during last 25 years. Tim Edwards, chairman of the European Nursery Stock Association, paid tribute to workers of nurseries for cultivation plants and said:

“We’re planting trees across Europe to remind people of the importance of our trade and the products we deal in – in this high-tech age there still nothing quite so good for the world we live in as plants.”

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