Tree Spade for sale: why they exist and when to transplant trees.

In this article we’ll see why exist tree spade for sale on the market and generally when they are to be used during the year.

tree spade for sale: why they exist and when to transplant trees

For saving years of maintenance required with juvenile trees and developing a mature landscape right away, tree spading is a common technique. You can cast off large, younger or smaller trees and transplant them from one site to another one with the aid of this technique. For transplanting trees, worldwide manufacturers made tree spade for sale.

Tree spades are used in numerous methods all through the green industry. Commercial nurseries use tree spades to lift big, field-grown trees out of the ground and enfold the root ball in burlap or B&B process for retail sale or compact storage. Landscape groups and arborists use spades to plant large bushes which are nursery-grown or have been moved from somewhere else in the landscape. Landscape specialists use a tree spade to create an “instant landscape” through digging and transplanting massive  quantities of trees in designated place.

Homeowners can also use spades to relocate trees on residential areas. Trailer setup spades that could maintain a soil ball up to forty-four inches in diameter are to be had at a few rental facilities. However, because of protection issues, and the complexity of the apparatus and tactics involved, it is  strongly encouraged that people hire a skilled worker that’s specialized in tree spading to transplant trees.

Nurserymen use tree spades to speed up the up-rooting of thousdands of plants for working season, selling small to medium sized plants everywhere, which, agronomically, is the best solution to built or maintain a green area.

As a common rule, deciduous trees transplant well if moved during the winter, this way the plant has already slowed down it’s vital functions and get lesser damage. Evergreen trees should not be transplanted all through the flush of latest growth during the spring or later because in the fall will be too late for the roots to end up installed before winter. There are exceptions. As an instance, birch trees need to no longer be moved until buds break inside the spring and trees with tap roots are hard to transport efficiently no matter the season. Many trees, like Mountain Ash, do not transplant nicely when they become mature and large. In this case, it is far fine to buy a brand new, juvenile plant from a good grower.

Tree spades are available in several types and sizes.

Some spades have the capacity to move a tree with a maximum trunk diameter of 20 to 25 cm or a soil ball up to 230 cm in diameter. The size of the spade is crucial. It should be large sufficient to house a root ball huge enougth to sufficiently sustain the tree after planting. If a spade is too small, the roots will be too small to allow for the long-term established order and the tree will not survive. When determining the spade length needed to pass a tree, deciduous trees are measured by means of trunk diameter and evergreens are measured by using tree peak. A tree spade can be used to move one tree at a time or a pod trailer can be used to transport as many as 3 trees at one time.

The cut’s type is also crucial: if the roots are not cutted well the tree will suffer more and so many will die and the majority will take a while to re-vegetate.

So, to relocate a large tree you need a right and robust tree spade for sale, which is tested for long time, with a good reputation and reliability among nurserymen.

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  1. Eve Mitchell
    Eve Mitchell says:

    It’s good to know that tree spades can be used to relocate trees. My grandpa has an oak tree he wants to move farther away from his house. Hopefully he can hire someone with a tree spade to help!


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