Tree Spade Design: the connection with Landscape Design

In this article we’ll see how tree spade design our landscape.

tree spade design connection with landscape

Trees are one of the most important plants in a landscape design. Tree spade is the latest equipment of transplanting trees and making your landscaping dream successful without any hassle or hard effort.

The tree spade machine, which blades are operated by Hydraulic systems and moves by a truck, can do four things alone. These four important things, related to tree transplanting are digging, lifting, transporting and setting trees in the new places. It is proving its usability and ending the age of all old- fashions of black-hole and hand digging process of tree transplanting. Here we will discuss importance and types of trees in landscaping and how they can provide scale and add height in relationship to your house and structure to an open land.

Landscaping trees are many different types, different beauties, features, and specialty. Some have colorful flowers; some are with beautiful leaves and attractive bark. In urban landscaping tree specialists categorized them mainly in three types and attribute their use in different ways: The tree categories are (i) Shade trees (ii) Ornamental trees and (iii) Evergreen trees.

Tree Spade Design with Shade trees

Shade trees are large, take up a lot of space, are mostly chosen plants for home yard and suitable for the front side as well as the back side of your newly built home.

These beautiful trees increase beauty, attract small mammals and birds as their comfortable habitation. Shade trees not only increase the beauty of your yard, it has so many benefits for house owner reducing heating and saving the cost of energy, keeping your house cold and comfortable and “welcome” feeling for all time.

Shade trees are fast growing, long life potential with strength and stature. Its success depends on choosing proper trees and planting method, soil type, drainage and other trees and plants nearby. It grows well in available sunlight and space.

Shade trees: Autumn Blaze Red Maple, striking red colorfast growing Red Maple October Glory, Southern Live Oak, attractive Bark Japanese Zelkova, American Elm, Bur Oak Tree, beautiful Swamp white oak, Chinese Elm tree, Chanticleer Pear etc.

Tree Spade Design with Ornamental trees

Ornamental trees are indispensable in landscaping in urban areas. They can add to your home compound or commercial setting and street with ornamental beauty and permanence. These beautiful trees make our surroundings attractive with interesting colors, styles, shapes, and scents in every change of natural seasons.

They are smaller in size and several special features like colorful beautiful flowers, notable bark with enormous eye-catching trunks and stems emerged from the ground.

Ornamental trees can be used at corners of your house, near to the front door or at the driveway entry, these trees are also beautiful if set near to your pond or a patio.

Ornamental trees: River Birch Tree, Star Magnolia, Japanese Red Maple tree, Weeping Cherry tree, Dogwood trees, Lavender Twist Redbud, Flowering Plum tree, Pink flowering tree etc.

Tree Spade Design with Evergreen Trees

Evergreen trees offer the same color around the year. They can make a landscape wonderful with its evergreen color throughout the year. Types of evergreens are versatile and used as hedges, specimens, and privacy screens. These trees can grow both in the shady or sunny environment. Evergreens are known as conifers for their narrow leaf. These trees can decrease the speed of winds and protect snow storm if planted and placed on the northern side of your home.

 Evergreen trees: Narrow Trees Nellie R. Stevens Holly Japanese Cedar, Arborvitae Emerald Green, Arborvitae Nigra, Fast Growing Arborvitae Green Giant, Leyland Cypress, White Pine, Red Twig Dogwood, American Holly, Cryptomeria etc.

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