Three Big Tree Spade Benefits: easy, productive and breathable.

Here we’ll see some important basics: Three Big Tree Spade Benefits.

three big tree spade benefits

Tree transplantation or relocation is a science as well as an art. The tree spade came to do it very easily, comfortably and safely. It can be attributed as a blessing for the trees as well as for our environment. We can perform this great purpose thank to three big tree spade benefits: it saves labor, saves time and above all saves valuable trees.

Benefit n° 1:

In the days when there was no tree spade, how people transplanted a tree? At that time they do not transplant, but destroyed forests and big trees for making agricultural fields, roads, highways or doing any other development works. Nowday, at least, we are planting new forests! If they want to transplant any mature tree from one place to another it was simply unthinkable. It was a troublesome mission. Because uprooting to carrying and relocating a mature tree was a tremendous task. It needs to employ a large amount of labor. Yet it was not certain that the tree will survive in the new location. Tree transplantation, in the conventional technique, depends on laborers, skilled in digging out the root system. They make a trench around the plant, one meter at its base, use a crane to pull out the tree. The root ball is covered with a resin cloth or wet husk, transport it to the new place on a flatbed trailer.

The tree spade can do the job with very few laborers within a short time and does the lesser harm possible relocating the tree in its next destination. Nowdays the survival rate of transplanted trees is higher than 95% do to tree spades.

Benefits n°2:

Tree spades saves time, not only transplanting tree within a short time, it is time saving because we get a mature and big shady tree without waiting for a long time. So tree spade saves planting time, and years of maintenance of a juvenile tree. We can get a beautiful greenery landscape and healthful environment instantly. Tree transplantation has become easier for nurserymen due to tree spade and nursery business of trees rising day by day.

Benefits n°3:

Cutting down trees started from the beginning of human civilization. Now nature is taking revenge with several natural disasters. Now we realized that killing trees is killing the environment and ultimately our existence will be difficult in the planet if we cannot save trees. We have to refrain from doing urban development at the cost of trees. Then what is the way of urban development without killing trees? It is tree spading. This instrument can save trees from destroy. When we need to clear any place from trees, we can replace them with equal numbers or higher without hacking the green lives. We can produce trees in nursery and move them where we want, when we need. If we save green lives, they will save us, our environment. They can save our earth from soil erosion, protect our home from winter wind and summer heat, protect us from floods and make our landscape attractive and valuable.

And all this things now are possible thanks to tree spades.

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  1. Charlotte Fleet
    Charlotte Fleet says:

    Thank you for explaining the various benefits of tree spade machines in your article. It is good to know that tree spades can save time and make tree transplantation much easier. I would recommend getting your tree spade from a reliable provider that has a good reputation for high-quality equipment.

  2. Taylor Hicken
    Taylor Hicken says:

    I appreciated it when you shared that it is great to use a tree spade that can do the job with very few laborers within a short time. Besides, it can save planting time and years of maintenance of a juvenile tree. I would like to think if a company needs to get a tree spade, it should consider it from a reliable provider.


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