Tree Movers characteristics: which are the important ones.

Let’s see a few of our Tree Movers characteristics!

tree movers characteristics: which are the important one

One first Mac-Bert‘s Tree Movers characteristic is of being able to be applied on varied vehicles, for example: tractors, excavators, skid steer loaders, back-hoe loaders etc. The power necessary is very low, between 25-40 HP  for tractors (depending on the model being used). For the other vehicles it is more important the vehicles’s weight

Another characteristic it’s the solidity: on difficult and hard grounds and in presence of rocks, they are the only Tree Movers that succeed to operate and to maintain a cohesive sod.

Between our estimators we boast numerous nurserymen from Spain, Portugal and of  southern Italy and it’s islands. zones in which the nursery must be confronted with situations to the limit of the possible ones.

The lack of vibrations maintains the roots in place inside of the clod, attacked to the soil: the clod doesn’t risk to unravel itself and guarantees a ready resumption and the plant’s quick vegetative growth after the transplant.

Being Tree Movers specialised in working without vibrations them are considered one of best to take out roots of very delicate plants such as Pinus Pinea, Magnolia etc.

It’s known that vibrations ruins the roots and the machine!

Continuing with our Tree Movers characteristics, another one is to obtain perfect clods in a truncated-cone shape, also with staff not specialized: it’s the machine to carry out a perfect job.

The truncated-cone clod, beyond concurring an immediate potting for the successive transport, or temporary cultivation, or a stable clod, guarantees a greater respect of the tap-roots (anchorage’ roots), because they’ll be cut deep under the plant by two lances which work like by a scissor.

Another characteristic of this Tree Spades is the possibility to use them in order to execute the holes where we will go to implant the plants extracted with the same machine: rapidity, stability, agronomic success and highest percentage surviving plants are only a few of the of this technique’s characteristics.

An important peculiarity of our Tree Spade is the possibility to climb, on the same machine, more spade’s sets to obtain different clod’s diameters; besides, for all clods done, is possible to decide a different depth.

The Mac-Bert company has been building and selling machines for more than 20 years.

We still have early prototypes working on the fields with hundreds of thousands of plants uprooted!

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