Small Tree Spades: best attentions for every planet’s small trees

In this article we’ll have an overview on small tree spades around the planet; you should know that doesn’t exist only the giant tree spades for giant trees that you can easily see on internet.

small tree spades best attentions

Not only big tree spade are available, small tree spades are also available for transplanting small trees, hedge plants and shrubs. A smaller tree will recover sooner and may actually be taller than a larger transplanted tree 10 years later.

The general rule of thumb for recovery is one inch of trunk diameter for year. This means if you move a 6-inch diameter tree it may take six years for it to recover and resume normal growth. This also means the tree could die from transplant shock during this time period. Tree removing and transplanting is a very sensitive job. A large tree spade cannot transplant a small tree. It needs a small tree spade. So, big manufacturing companies like Vermeer, Optimal, Dutchman, Mac-Bert etc. made small tree spades with different ability and properties. Some used only one blade, some have two blades; some are attached to hydraulic machine, some are without it. Their size also varies in different companies.

This tree spades are designed to meet the various and specific requirements of nurserymen, small tree farms, and commercial landscapers.

Small Tree Spades enables small nurseryman or the landscaper to safely, quickly and easily dig numbers of trees to either ball & burlap them or replant them to any other suitable place.

They are shaped like one-third of a standard machine and allows the operator to extract a uniformly shaped root ball. This tree spade is also ideal for developers and garden centers, or for anyone who needs compact and equipment to move saplings, plantings, root balls, small trees, landscaping materials, and even small boulders.

As for example, we can mention here about the Extir-Plants B250 of Mac-Bert, which is an effective and efficient small tree spade. For some type of very delicate plants, this machine, obtain excellent results to the survival and rapid growth of the plant.

This small tree spade is most popular to nurserymen and work without vibrations, in hard terrain as well as a clod. It can change its course from 22 cm. to 33 cm. realizing existence clods. As its maximum width of cm. 85, it can work in narrow rows of nurseries. It has 2 spades and a back lance. The blades descend vertically and slightly oblique, around the plant into the ground and back lance cuts off the taproot of the plant

The Extir-Plants B250 function with a hydraulic machine with tractor power (HP) min 25 max 45. It takes an average amount of time for one work cycle 40 sec and can move weight 50 kg. It’s suitable for shrubs, hedge plants, and small trees.

The small tree spades are an economical attachment used for a variety of applications. Move and place trees and dig holes for new trees, all with the same attachment. This transplanting equipment requires minimal maintenance and tolerates heavy workloads common to commercial nurseries and commercial landscaping. It performs tree transplanting and moving without damaging plant material or small tree trunks.

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