Paolo Vezzani’s Challenge: Bologna Munich by handbike

In this article we want to show You Paolo Vezzani’s Challenge, a friend of us who made something really thought!

paolo vezzani's challenge

Paolo Vezzani is a guy who has completed a venture in April 2018.

Starting from Bologna in Italy with his handbike he has traveled 530 km crossing three different countries and arriving in Munich in Germany where he was welcomed by the Italian ambassador Renato Cianfarini.

Not alone

With him there were Roberto Gelosa, a champion of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, who accompanied him by bicycle. Silvio dell’Oro and the physiotherapist Andrea Rizzardi, followed and assisted him with a bus provided by Mac Bert: we are delighted to have helped him, as a friend and a neighbour, by providing him with the means that allowed his team to accompany him and to transport spare parts for every eventuality.


Paolo Vezzani’s challenge, as the Italian newspaper Repubblica writes, “after all, is only a test, the general test of an even bigger challenge” that will take him up to the North Cape between 2020 and 2021. Perhaps the real challenge, however, that goes beyond the athletic gesture or the solitary crossing, is to “raise awareness – explains to, a local newspaper – the public opinion about the differences in these three countries. The world is in fact made by able-bodied and not disabled, so I would like to try to show it from another perspective, from a wheelchair”.

The Challenge

Starting from the Rizzoli Hospital in Bologna, the place where his life was saved, he traveled more than 100 km a day, even passing the Passo del Brennero. All this was possible because, as he himself says, “not everyone is lucky enough to live on the side of the Po” having the nearby embankment available for training. In many other cases the necessary structures and means are lacking. In fact, he wanted to show that even without a costly handbike “many things can be done with a wheelchair with a servo-assisted wheel at much lower costs”.

Despite his great fortitude, the words he released on his return unfortunately resound as boulders, again at, and that most of all serve as a testimony: “In Austria and Germany perhaps there are more cycle paths than Italy, but there are no parking spaces for disabled people which are few and badly reported. The thing I noticed is the equality of peoples in not confronting the issue of disability”.

Brief italian press reviews

Below we have collected some articles in which you can find more details. You’ll need some google translation help!


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