Operate Tree Spade Safely: The basics are the most important.

In this article we’ll see which are the basics to operate tree spade safely. It’s not unthinkable stuff, every worker in every work have to use them.

operate tree spade safely the basics are the most important

Tree spades made digging, moving and replanting much easier and cost effective. But some precautions should be taken while it is in the ongoing operation. If not handled with skill and care dangerous damage can occur. Here are some important tips all tree spade operators should know to operate tree spade safely.

Be aware, be alert

A tree spade can wreak a big ruin when its blades come in contact with anything while digging. So, it is most necessary on being ready and staying sensitive to the conditions and position of surroundings around the spades.

As an owner or operator of tree spade, you have to take after manufacturer’s upkeep and storage guidelines continuously. One of the important things is to know about the hydraulic controls. Under pressure, hydraulic fluid can enter the skin and cause severe damage or even death. Hydraulics leaks remain hiding under pressure. For detailed guideline operator’s manual should be read top to bottom to know about how to connect and disconnect hydraulic fittings and hoses.

Don’t leave the spade machine with the engine in the run anytime and it is importanto to know how to stop the engine rapidly if any emergency situation arise. Never take fuel while an engine is on running. Use a safety container that is approved and safe.

Don’t permit laborers to work spade without direction.

All the tree spade workers should have to use eye protector, subsume shoes and boots with working dress. Hard caps also are required when the machine is in operation.

Try not to work in the range where spade could come in contact with underground utilities, for example, sewage tunnels, water lines and electric lines. Continuously keep minimum two laborers on location while the machine is being used.

Do not try to delve unevenly sided trees. Special care should be taken in slope sides, otherwise, the machine can tip over. Do not try to repair tree spade while the machine is at work and don’t smoke at the time of filling the engine.

A ¾ ton truck or bigger and weighty hitch, ideally with electric trailer brake hookup, ought to be utilized to transport spade. All safety lights ought to work and operational while the spade machine is moved from one location to another. Before moving the spade, ensure all stabilizers are OK and have no any problems.

To operate tree spade safely is a matter of good sense: the machine is a heavy one, with a powerful engine pumping high pressure oil in it, it’s not only a set of shovels!

Find the right spade

Every tree cannot be moved by each tree spade. Tree spade makers commonly offer a few unique models that are fit for delving and transporting diverse tree’s sizes.

Try not to surpass the producer’s advice which the specific tree spade can deal with. Doing as such would not endanger only the tree’s life.

Tree spade manufacturers describe the limit of their spade machines in a different way. However, a general guideline is that the spade-breadth should be 10 times the trunk caliper. For example, a 30-inch tree spade would have the capacity to dig a most extreme of a 3-inch caliper tree.

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  1. Alice Carroll
    Alice Carroll says:

    Thanks for the reminder that there are times when permits will be needed when getting some work on trees done. I will keep that in mind when looking for tree spades for sale soon. It will be important to ensure that I could actually use the one will be buying for the gardening jobs I have to work on in the future.


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