Moving trees machine: clod’s measurements are fundamental.

In this article we will have a look at our Moving trees machine to see how measurements are important.

moving trees machine: clod's measurements are fundamental

Let’s have a view on our Tree Spades: Extir-Plants B250, B350, B700 and B900

Our little one, the B250, is used for little trees and bushes. It’s ideal to work between the tight rows of the nurseries. It consists of two spades and one lance in the back that cuts the tap-root of the plants horizontally. It can manage clods that goes from a minimum diameter of cm.18/ 22 up to a maximum diameter of cm. 30/33, with 30 cm. of depth; you have only to change the spades to obtain different diameters.

The B350 has 3 spades and 2 lateral lances. On this moving trees machine can be installed a set of spades with a maximum diameter of cm. 45, depth cm.40, under this measure we can supply spades on request of the nurserymen (40-35-30-27-25 cm etc.). Producing truncated cone clods, it’s possible to obtain clods not so deep and consequently with a lower diameter by using the same spade’s set.

Besides, this moving trees machine has been reinforced usind parts of the superior model to satisfy the nursery men that operate in difficult soils such as Spain and Sicily.

The B700 has the same shape of the previous one, 3 spades and 2 lateral lances, but it is bigger and heavier. It carries out clods that go from a minimum diameter of cm. 45 up to a maximum diameter of cm. 75, with 50 cm. of depth.

The last two tree spades are our best seller.

Our moving trees machine B900 is the largest one and has 4 spades and 2 lances with a frontal opening gate. It carries out clods from a minimum diameter of 65 cm. up to a maximum diameter of 90 cm., with 60 cm. of depth. This model has a different shape respect to the previous Tree Spade, but you can see it on videos and photos. Lately we’re working on a new prototipe of the B900: a bigger B700!

N.B.: the measure of clod generally results a little bit little than spades (ex.: cm. 45 = 43/44) especially if the ground is hard.

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