Help Stop Pollution: Tree Spades and Unpolluted Urban Areas

Our cities and towns are being polluted rapidly: How to help stop pollution?

help stop pollution tree spades

The existence of human is facing threatened. To create a pollution-free liveable climate, transplantation of trees is a major remedy. But, how to get this remedy easily and shortly? It is “tree spade”. The tree spade can make this crucial job easy to be done. So, as the utility of trees is increasing, the necessity of tree spade is also rising simultaneously. Because tree spades have rapid, secure and instant transplanting ability.

The major problem about trees is, of course, that we’re cutting down more trees than the ones that we’re planting. How to invert the trend and help stop pollution? One simple thing that can be done is to minimize the gap between the two numbers. How?

Growing an enormous number of any kind of plants in nurseries so, in times on necessity, we’ll have already grown plants to plant! Thinking about the nurseries: the more the plants wait, the more oxygen they’ll produce! And if they become unsellable you can simply cut them down knowing that that plant will not have existed in nature.

Physical and Psychological Benefits

Not only pollution-free cities, trees can incorporate large benefits in urban lifestyle. Garden and park with tree canopies in towns and cities have a great impact. A green environment with grass, plants and trees can rehabilitate people from physical illness, help to improve memory and attention, lessen stress and lower high blood pressure.

Walking in a green environment or looking at trees and plants has so many mental and physical health benefits. The workers, who work in a natural environment, become more active and productive. Children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) symptoms become better in a naturally green neighbourhood.

Trees can help to improve memory and attention, lessen stress and lower high blood pressure. Improving health condition, trees lower health care expenses.

Commercial Benefits

Not only physical and psychological benefits, urban landscaping trees enrich the aesthetic view and commercial value of properties.

Business can be run successfully in the business centers with plants and landscape areas as clients feel better and gather there because they’re thinking “What a beautiful place to work!”. Shoppers are willing to travel a longer distance and to spend more money to buy goods or any type of service if the shopping center has good tree canopies.

People feel an instinctive relation with trees and the natural green environment. Employees who work in a green natural environment and if plants are viewable even from their desk they feel satisfaction and get more inspiration and energy to work.

Rental rate of commercial offices in high-quality landscaping area is higher than the normal areas. Purchasing value of houses, located in good green areas, also higher. Because people willingly agree to pay more for clean, healthy and unpolluted living areas.

For all of the benefits mentioned above, there aren’t a lot of alternative to help stop pollution. In this context, a tree spade is a revolutionary machine making the landscape of our cities and towns pollution-free by planting and transplanting all kinds of small, medium and mature trees.

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