Enduring Tree Spade: a few tips to ensure your tree spade’s life.

Is it a long-life purchase? Have you bought an enduring tree spade? Every machine needs the same attentions but some of them, simpler, need just little manpower.

enduring tree spade a few tips

Proper maintenance of any equipment is crucial for keeping it good and serviceable for long time. As all brands of tree spade do not utilize the same mechanism, the maintenance may vary from brand to brand. Some spades run with slide system, some have track system. The bushing is also different in different brands. So, maintenance systems are also exactly not the same. Yet there are some general instructions for maintaining all brands of tree spade. To keep your tree spade robust follow the following guidelines:

Greasing up

What is the key component to keep any piece of gear running easily? It is greasing up. If you grease up the equipment continually, you can avoid numerous significant issues. So, grease up constantly as indicated by oil guidelines to have an enduring tree spade.

Never compromise with the quality of grease. Always use multi-purpose high quality grease while greasing up the unit. Before greasing the machine, be sure all fittings including nozzle are clean and clear. If oil fittings are missing, supplant them instantly. Try not to oil within or outside of spade towers, they should be kept clean. Greasing on the towers will accomplish more damage than good. Debris and dirt will adhere to the grease and in this way do harm to wear plants.

Care after use

  • Clear and clean all mud, soil, oil and other outside materials from the tree spade. Wash the machine and repaint places where uncovered metal is presented to hinder rust.
  • Clean the spades and coat them with a rust safeguard compound.
  • It is better to store the tree spade in a dry and secured place. If it is kept outside, cover with waterproof canvas, plastic or other defensive material.
  • Check the tree spade for any ragged or broken part or worm decals and replace them if required.


Care to Spade

  • Keep the spades sharp and take care as the spade cannot bend out shape and be cautious about turning it over. This can happen due to the big stones or rocks while digging, or attempting to cut large tree roots, which are too large for handling with the machine.
  • Keep the spade slides clean completely but don’t grease up it. To avoid untimely wear it will be helpful.


Check Hydraulic lines

Work with the valve controls forward and backward by taking the full load of hydraulic cylinder. Use light oil in all control valve linkage to prohibit seizing. To check the hydraulic lines grease up exposed cylinder rods. There is steel belting inside these high pressure lines chafing with rubber. If the steel exposed through rubber, change it.

During the springtime and the fall, inspection and greasing up of spade should be done before going out for the work every day. In that peak season tree spade used 4 days per week. But the maintenance cannot be stopped during the months of July and August while machine is rarely used, may be one time within a week. In the idle season maintenance of tree spade is more important.

A tremendous enemy for every machine are the vibrations. In long time they break up anything. Vibrations are normal, but in this work they are treacherous because they are also deadly for the plants.

Vibrations decrease the surviving rate of the plants and they produce more manpower to fix the tree spade: Mac Bert create an enduring tree spade also because we work without vibrations, so for lesser manpower you obtain a higher success rate.

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