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Paolo Vezzani’s Challenge: Bologna Munich by handbike

In this article we want to show You Paolo Vezzani’s Challenge, a friend of us who made something really thought! Paolo Vezzani is a guy who has completed a venture in April 2018. Starting from Bologna in Italy with his handbike he has traveled 530 km crossing three different countries and arriving in Munich in […]

Tree Movers characteristics: which are the important ones.

Let’s see a few of our Tree Movers characteristics! One first Mac-Bert‘s Tree Movers characteristic is of being able to be applied on varied vehicles, for example: tractors, excavators, skid steer loaders, back-hoe loaders etc. The power necessary is very low, between 25-40 HP  for tractors (depending on the model being used). For the other […]

Best Tree Spades on the Market: how to choose the one right for you.

In this article we will discuss how to recognize and choose the best Tree Spades on the Market. The introduction of tree spade and tree planters machine for uproot plants has been determining to reduce the operators from one of most heavy tasks that are carried out in nurseries, that is: to extirpate plants (also of […]